Ulow Liquid PVC is an innovative product in the european market. It was shown for the first time in Dusseldorf at the "BOOT" trade fair in 2017. Its history, however, goes a bit further back, because in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia or Kazakhstan, innovation has been actively enlarge the group of satisfied consumers for 2 years. In the beginning the product brand build its position under the name "Жидкая латка".

The main source of Ulow Liquid PVC advertising was the Internet. Fishermans who were looking for solutions for cut waders or pierced boats have been watching and sharing videos on our YouTube channel. Ulow Liquid PVC became cheap and easy way to deal with it instead of buying new equipment.

Why Ulow Liquid PVC is so unique? Composition of product was elaborated by leading European polymer manufacturer that produces PVC fabric for pneumatic boats, who was looking for ways to quickly and reliably repair of possible damage to water equipment. Initially, the substance supposed to be used only for its own use. Eventually because of the consumers became interested, the manufacturer, in cooperation with German technologists, decided to expand its manufacturing activities.

The first batch Ulow Liquid PVC was designed only for repairing PVC. As a result of further research, the researchers have slightly improved the recipe of substances, so today we can also use it to repair equipment from neoprene and trilaminate such as sails, foam for diving and other gadgets used in water sports.

That's how our story began. The story of Ulow Liquid PVC success.

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