Inflatable boats have many advantages. They are convenient to use, easy to transport and store. However, there is one important drawback – vulnerability to damages. If a wooden boat does not afraid of bumps and scratches, then a PVC model can seriously suffer from a banal snag in a pond.

If the damage happened, do not be upset! You can fix the situation easily and quickly. To do this, use Ulow Liquid PVC, that is PVC in liquid state. With its help, repairing of PVC boats is much easier than using classic glue. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the features of the product.

About Ulow Liquid PVC

This substance was developed for the repair of PVC products, cordura, synthetic leather, neoprene, trilaminate, various variations of textiles. The key to efficiency is the coincidence of the molecular weight of liquid PVC with the mass of materials that are being repaired.

Repair of PVC boat using a liquid product is carried out in several stages. First, the surface of the product is cleaned. After that, liquid PVC is applied, which melts the top layer of material. As a result of chemical exposure a new, durable surface is formed. One can use the boat two to four hours after the application. The repaired area reaches the maximum strength after 24 hours.

Diving in the mysterious underwater world requires preparation and special equipment; otherwise, you can pay for non-compliance with its harsh laws. What if your favorite wetsuit is damaged and you don’t want to cancel the planned event?

It is much more convenient to repair diving suit at home. Repair of diving suits in specialized services is quite expensive. Restoration will take a lot of time and it is unknown whether the result will suit you. For this reason, it is better to stick up the wetsuit yourself and save time and money.

What damages are most often on diving suits and how to deal with them

Most often, it is scratches, cuts, severed seams and torn pieces of fabric. All these shortcomings are eliminated with specialized adhesives. The disadvantage of such adhesives is that a scar is formed on the reconstructed length of fabric, which can reduce elasticity, thermoregulation, waterproofing and appearance. It seems too many cons, is not it?

Ulow Liquid PVC on Boot Dusseldorf

Our company Ulow had the great honor to take part in this year’s jubilee 50th edition of the Boot Dusseldorf fair on 18-27 January. This year, the number of visitors exceeded over 25,000 people. For half a century, this event attracts water sports enthusiasts from different corners of the world. In addition the fair is well known for its huge range and variety which allows you to choose equipment according to your preferences and your budget from small comfortable boats to huge, impressive and luxurious yachts.

During this amazing event, we had the pleasure to present a new generation of Ulow Liquid PVC. We were warmly welcomed by visitors, both by those who already know us and those who met us for the first time. Our stand was located in the DIVING hall dedicated to diving enthusiasts from around the world. Of course, this is not the only segment of our target group at these fairs because surfers, skateboarders and canoeists also use a lot of neoprene and PVC equipment, and sometimes inflatable boats made of PVC. Although we are constantly winning the hearts of customers who had no previous experience with our production, this time we have managed to pleasantly surprise people who have already learned the innovation of liquid PVC. We have several arguments for this:


For Fishing Praga 2018

On February 15-18, we hosted at our trade fairs at our southern neighbors in the Czech Republic at For Fishing. The decision on participation in the fair was made a few days before their started, at the Rybomeria fair in Poznan we heard many positive opinions and recommendations from our Czech friends – Martin, thank you!